Desk Riser gets the job done!

It isn't an exaggeration to say that sitting is the new smoking for the professionals. Most of the office jobs require sitting over nine hours at the desk on an average. A significant number of these workers admit that they often experience discomfort on the job due to the fewer options available for postural change while working.

Going by this statistic, it is not a wonder why the sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Most offices all over the globe have begun to adopt the desk risers to let their employees ensure the fair balance of work and health. Buying the desk risers is a smart step, but still, there are still few factors that should be considered before bringing one at the home or office to ensure value-for-money. Here are those ten factors that you need to consider before buying a Desk Rises:

Height: The height depends on the need of individuals; however it is recommended that the desk riser should have an optimal range of 25" to 50". A sit-stand desk with the mentioned height specification will be the perfect option for sitting as well as standing tasks.

Depth: Depth depends on the type of work that has to be accomplished. In most of the offices, a minimum of 30" is considered safe for most desk jobs. However, a little less or more may also work depending on the particular demand of the workstation. Besides, there are also various designs available in the desk risers that can minimize your specific requirements.

Noise: This is one of the paramount factors to look upon. The chosen desk riser should not disturb the colleagues during the lowering or raising mechanism.

Working Mechanism: The market is full of desk risers with different mechanisms to lower and raise the counters. From hand cranks to pneumatic and even electric lifts, there are different variations to meet the specific demands of the users.

Weight: Always ensure that the desk riser you are going to choose can easily handle the weight at your desk. Every desk has its weight restrictions, so it is wise to keep an eye towards the weight handling ability also.

Speed: While speed should not be a constraint while selecting a desk riser but it is still recommended to opt for the one that quickly raises/lowers as per the need.

Add-On: It is always a smart decision to look for those that have additional accessories or can accommodate different sorts of things as per the specific requirements and preferences of the users.

The manufacturers present in the market offer a varied range of the best desk risers that will surely meet the end demand of most of the offices without breaking their budget. Use the evaluation above criteria to narrow down the choices as per your needs!